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Hanka was established in 1984, with the purpose of growing alongside the Mexican mining industry. Thanks to the efforts of a talented, well prepared and honest work team, Hanka became the leading supplier of products and rock blasting services in Mexico’s northwest region.

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Our philosophy is simple and clear: to provide the best possible assessment and solutions to our clients.

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Outstanding Ammonium Nitrate

Bulk or in Maxibags

Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prill

Yara is a leading independent supplier of technical ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate for use in the civil explosives and mining industries


Unmatched performancePerformance

For surface and underground applications

ANFOSERI: Hanka's Blasting Agent

Excellent for surface and underground applications. A Blasting Agent with unmatched performance



Exceptional for Heavy-ANFO


To excel in the blasting outcome


Rock blasting solutions Leader supplier of rock blasting solutions

Hanka: the Strategic Partner

Integrity is Hanka's corner stone.

Respect, trust, justice and harmony are the basics.

30 years being the leader supplier of products and rock blasting services.

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Unmatched logistics for real world applications


All required by law documentation is available

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Regulations and Permits

Hanka's team has the required know-how, experience and contacts necessary to comply with all of the regulations and permits required by law.

We commercialize the following products and services

  • Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prill +

    We are the leading supplier of technical ammonium nitrate (TAN) essential for mining applications. Hanka is well-known as being a responsible supplier of dependable, excellent-quality products and a provider of state of the art rock blasting solutions. Our main HUB and Business Offices are located at Hermosillo, Sonora, where the company was founded in 1984.We specialize in Bulk TAN sell and its transportation.
  • ANFOSERI Blasting Agent +

    Hanka is the proud manufacturer of ANFOSER, our low density blasting agent (of excellent performance and low-cost). ANFOSERI has proven its value and performance in open-pit mine operations as well as in underground. (Called: ANFOSERI Subterraneo).
  • High Explosives +

    Bulk and packaged emulsions and boosters.
  • Initiation Systems +

    Non-electric and Electronic Blasting Systems (EBS) such as the Digishot from Dyno
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  • Hanka's Ethics Manual describes our commitment with respect to moral and proffesional business practices. Read More
  • Integrity is Hanka's corner stone. Respect, trust, justice and harmony are the basics. Read More
  • Consulte nuestro Aviso de Privacidad Aquí. Read More
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